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Guide to Digital Future with
Digital Telco Maturity Map (DTMM)


Telecom business operators are seeking approaches to keep the pace of digital wave with clear minds and objectives: Leveraging the digital technologies to achieve improved operational efficiency, enhanced customer satisfaction and create new revenue streams with innovative business models and digital services. Whale Cloud is obliged to make contribution to this transformation with our profound telecom industry knowledge and practical transformation projects from Alibaba Group. We build such Digital Telco Maturity Map (DTMM) framework to provide a holistic view with consideration of customer, technology, architecture, operation and business model to address the digital transformation needs together with global telecom operators.


This DTMM can be the guidebook to accomplish the digital journey. It helps telecom operators to initiate transformation and will expand to adjacent industries in a phased approach, ideally it could be the transformation foundation for SME customers.

With DTMM, CSPs can clearly judge their digital status and can draft out their digital journey plan.

Serve as guideline for companies like Telco to make the digital transformation journey through the clearly-defined, industry-oriented roadmap.

Evaluate digital capability across Customer, Technology, Operation and Innovation dimensions to create a holistic view of digital maturity across the organization.

Identify where improvement is needed and where investment is required, developing a true transformation strategy with a clear path throughout the transformation journey.

Prioritize digital capabilities based on your planning and provide a view across all capabilities, helping you to prioritize focus areas and improve in line with your overarching digital ambitions.

Concept of Maturity Map

In brief, the maturity map explains the transformative approaches in four dimensions as illustrated in the following figure:

Customer Satisfaction

Operation Excellence

Technology Fusion

Vertical Innovation

DTMM Framework

Assess Your Digital Maturity

Whale Cloud DTMM provides clearly defined 346 checkpoints, CSPs can assess their digital maturity and service capabilities. In each domain, Whale Cloud can provide corresponding solutions to meet the requirements.

Based on evaluation result, CSP can position itself in 3 levels: Beginner, Developing and Mature.


DTMM helps CSPs to check their digital maturity level and identify the areas to improve so that it can take actions to make necessary investments to improve the maturity level.