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City Brain


City Brain is the thinking and decision-making center and core infrastructure for future development of cities. Data will be a strategic resource, and computing power will be a new impetus for city development in the future.

Based on highly centralized, real-time responding, and elastically allocated computing power, City Brain utilizes all city data in real time to optimize public resources, fix operation defects, and achieve breakthrough in the city governance mode, service mode, and industry development.

The general architecture of City Brain includes an integrated computing platform, a data resource platform, an IT service platform, a machine intelligence platform, and intelligent applications to build an ecosystem.


· Super computing power: Sufficient computing power for City Brain based on the Alibaba Apsara platform, superb elasticity, real-time computing of all city data, EB-level storage capacity, PB-level daily processing capacity, and real-time video analytics for millions of channels;

· Massive data aggregation: Real-time full-data aggregation, assured data security, higher data quality, and more data values through scheduling;

· Machine learning: The open intelligence platform discovers data values through data intelligence and machine intelligence technologies, making cities capable of thinking and learning, and gains insights into hidden laws through machine learning;

· Industry ecosystem construction: The computing power and data resources of City Brain help build an ecosystem of intelligent applications, which enables different industries and fine city governance.