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Operator solutions

Support the end-to-end process and requirements of telecom operators, help them achieve all-round customer service and management, fine operation control, efficient internal operation support, and integrate channels to be more competitive on the market.

ZSmart d-BEP

Smart BSS uses the platform + application mode based on the general distributed technology platform. Centers of expertise are built based on service aggregation to provide intelligent IT O&M.

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Integrates products such as comprehensive service provisioning, network activation, engineering scheduling, resource management, service assurance management, and service quality management to build an overall OSS solution and support provisioning and O&M of operators.

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Big Data

Whale Cloud uses business data and intelligent data services to help telecom operators and enterprises quickly build their intelligent big data platforms, which enables them to drive business operations through data, make intelligent strategic decisions, increase revenue, and expand the user base.

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Intelligent Service

Smart Customer Service is the intelligent customer service solution that combines AI technologies such as cloud assistant, intelligent voice recognition, voice synthesis, and intelligent analysis as core engines with Whale Cloud’s more than 10 years of experience in customer service.

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