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Whale Cloud Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Whale Cloud”) is a global leading data intelligence technology company. We are dedicated to helping our customers to succeed in the era of digital economy. Founded in 2003, Whale Cloud is now serving telecom operators, governments, enterprises in more than 80 countries and regions with high-quality solutions and professional services. Positioned to become a global leader in digital transformation, Whale Cloud is committed to bringing our technologies and industry knowledges to our customers, and bringing the benefits and convenience of digital life to every place in the world.

As part of the Alibaba group and an important partner of Alibaba Cloud's software service ecosystem, Whale Cloud, with two decades of experience in ICT field, is dedicated to bringing leading digital transformation technologies and data intelligence services to global enterprises. At present, Whale Cloud's business scope extends from telecom markets to vertical industries, including government, transportation, environmental protection, and public security. It has built its core competitiveness in communications software, operation services, cloud computing, big data analytics, AI, and Internet architecture. Supported by its 16+ center of expertise (COE) around the world, Whale Cloud will continue to enhance its technical strength, invest in product innovations, and expand business landscape.

Whale Cloud’s telecom BSS and OSS products have made it one of the world’s top 20 vendors in the global telecom software industry. Its core series of products and solutions flexibly meet business expansion and transformation requirements of 150+ telecom operators, serving more than 800 million end users. In the government and enterprise field, Whale Cloud is a leading company of the Smart City program, deeply involved in smart city construction of more than 100 cities in the world. Through digital technology enablement for government administration and enterprise operations, Whale Cloud has realized digital life at homes across the globe, benefiting the general public.

Whale Cloud develops customer-centric business models of “product-based software and professional service”, winning trust and cooperation from customers from various fields. Over the past years, Whale Cloud has received many awards, including the company-level CMMI 5 certificate, “Key National Software Enterprise”, “Top 100 Chinese Software Companies by Revenue”, “TM Forum Open Digital Award”, “Frost & Sullivan Global Customer Value Leadership Award”, “Informa Best Digital Transformation Recommendation Award”, and “Best Practice Project Award for Digital China Construction”, and holds the national level-1 qualifications for computer and information system integration and international project contracting. Data intelligence creates unlimited possibilities. Whale Cloud will exert the power of data intelligence and work with customers to create unlimited new value experiences.


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