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Personal Data play important roles in social and economic development.  People seek better control and clear use of Personal Data, and hope that the data shall be protected by interactive organization. Whale Cloud and its subsidiaries (Hereinto collectively referred to as "Whale Cloud") respect your privacies, attach great importance to your trust on Whale Cloud, and seriously treat security of personal data. When you use products or services provided by Whale Cloud, pursuant to applicable legal grounds (such as your agreement, contract relationship between you and Whale Cloud, or legal interests), Whale Cloud may collect and use your Personal Data. Before you submit your Personal Data to Whale Cloud, please carefully read and understand Whale Cloud Privacy Policy (Hereinafter referred to as "This Policy"); moreover, often have access to Whale Cloud websites and know about the updates of This Policy.


This Policy is applicable to Whale Cloud websites, products, and services, which display and link to This Policy. Whale Cloud provides many products and services, so This Policy may not involve all possible scenarios on Personal Data. For the descriptions on specific data which need to be processed for some products and services, they may be specified in special privacy policies relate to these products and services, or published in notifications provided in the case of collecting data. If you have any question about This Policy, you can send e-mail to rc.complianceaudit@iwhalecloud.com and contact us.

1. How does Whale Cloud collect and use your personal data?


"Personal Data" refer to any information related to an identified or identifiable natural person (namely "Data Subject"). An identifiable natural person is one who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier such as a name, an identification number, location data, an online identifier or to one or more factors specific to the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of that natural person


The Personal Data will be collected directly or indirectly by Whale Cloud when you use Whale Cloud products and services, or have access to Whale Cloud websites, or generate information interaction with Whale Cloud. Take four scenarios as an example. When you dial Whale Cloud hotlines, create websites account number, join in Whale Cloud brand activities, you provide your Personal Data directly to Whale Cloud; when you have access to Whale Cloud websites, the technologies used for the websites (for example, Cookie) will record your Personal Data indirectly.


The Personal Data collected by Whale Cloud may be used for the sake of the following purposes:

• Fulfill orders;

• Create and manage accounts;

• Perform service registration for related equipment;

•  Provide required services or functions;

•  Provide information subscription;

•  Provide after-sales maintenance services for related equipment;

•  Provide online customer service: consultation, suggestion, compliant;

•  Send notifications involving security or upgrade services;

•  Analyze access service data, and improve Whale Cloud products and services;

•  Provide excellent experience on using websites or products;

•  View submitted error records and troubleshoot product failures;

•  Improve anti-loss and anti-fraud plans;

•  Obey and execute applicable law requirements;

•  Other purposes agreed by users.


When Whale Cloud  uses your Personal Data for other purposes which are not specified in This Policy or which are different from the purposes agreed by you, Whale Cloud will request your consent in advance by different means. For example, the pop-up windows and bold fonts will be used on the Whale Cloud products or services to represent the updated contents. Then, you can choose that whether you agree with the updates. You can reject to agree with the updates at random pursuant to law, but this behavior may result in the functions of the Whale Cloud products or services you used are restricted.

You are well aware that Whale Cloud  may not need to ask for your authorization and agreement, and then can collect and use your Personal Data pursuant to situations stipulated in applicable laws, such as scenarios related to national security and national defense security. The details are subject to the situations stipulated in applicable laws.


The Personal Data collected by Whale Cloud can be classified into the following types:

1) Account Number Information

When you register account number in the case of using Whale Cloud services, you need to provide mobile phone number or e-mail address for identity validation, or you can also provide additional information for identity validation, such as portrait, nickname, and birthday. When you use the third-party account numbers (such as Facebook, Twitter, and Webchat account number) to log in to Whale Cloud business platforms, you can reject to have access to Whale Cloud products or services via this method. Via user authorization, Whale Cloud will acquire your validation information for the third-party servers. Moreover, the servers of Whale Cloud will store the access tokens granted by the third-party platforms. They can be shared among detailed services used by users for avoidance of users' repeated login to the third-party servers.


2) Equipment Information

Some services are used for specific equipment types or applicable programs. Before service provisioning and during service use process, Whale Cloud will collect the information on the equipment, including equipment type, system version, unique equipment identification code, network status, active information of application program, and exceptional information/IP address for correct service matching.


3) Location Information

When you use Whale Cloud terminal business software with positioning functions (such as fellow number positioning and mobile phone retrieving), Whale Cloud will collect and process the information on the actual positions of users/terminal equipment based on your agreement, but Whale Cloud will not continuously collect your position information to judge your traces.


4) Order Information

If you have shopping on Whale Cloud websites/web stores, the systems will generate orders and need to collect your goods receiving address, consignee, contact phone number, zip code, and information on purchased goods or services.


5) After-sales Information

When you need Whale Cloud after-sales services or give feedback on the problems during the product/service use process, Whale Cloud will collect information required for providing the after-sales services, such as name, telephone number, equipment information, and fault description. You can provide part of the information in accordance with your desired service items. For example, if you need mailing services, you should provide the information on delivery address and consignee.


6) Access Service Information

Whale Cloud will also record some behavior information when you have access to Whale Cloud services via product/service information collection function, including access time, search/query items, network identity identification information, and IP address. Moreover, for providing precise and individual services, where permitted by law, Whale Cloud will collect your Personal Data from legal public and commercial sources.


7) Other Information

For some service items, if you are unwilling to provide related information, you can choose to reject. For example, the cloud backup and cloud disk provided by Whale Cloud may save the information on user address book, short messages, and pictures. But the result is that you cannot use related services or can only use partial functions of services. If you apply for job on Whale Cloud websites, the websites will ask you to provide your resume.


Moreover, Whale Cloud will process the sensitive data under the allowance of applicable laws, such as Personal Data/Genetic Data related to racial or ethnic identities, political ideas, religious or philosophic beliefs or union members, Biological Data used for specific identification of natural persons, and data related to health, individual sex lives, or sexual orientation of natural persons.


2. How does Whale Cloud use Cookie and Competing Technologies?


Whale Cloud websites will use Cookies and other competing technologies to distinguish you and other users of the websites. This is conducive for Whale Cloud to provide excellent experience when you browse the websites, and further improve the websites. Cookie is a piece of small file consisting of letters and numbers. If you agree, it will be stored on the memory of hard disk of your computer or mobile equipment, and then it can serve as the tag to identify your computer or mobile equipment.


Cookie is classified into two types, namely Session Cookie and Permanent Cookie. The Session Cookie can help you browse the Whale Cloud websites effectively and track the progress from one page to another page. For example, considering that you do not need to provide repeated information, your shopping cart will not be cleared when you change the page over. The Session Cookie will be stored in temporary memory and deleted in the case of closing Web browser.


The Permanent Cookie can be used to store user preference. It is stored on your equipment, and still be effective when you restart your browser. For example, the Permanent Cookie is used to record your selected language, country/area, font size, or other settings. In this case, when you have access to Whale Cloud websites next time, you do not need to reconfigure the browser.


You can clear all Cookies stored on your computer up or directly delete Cookies stored on your equipment. But the result is that you need to change the settings when you have access to Whale Cloud websites each time. A great part of browsers have the function of blocking Cookies. If you hope that the Cookie can be managed via browser, you can refer to the introduction provided by the browser developer or query the information from Internet. For more details about Cookie, you can refer to AboutCookies.org website.


Besides Cookie, other competing technologies will be used for the Whale Cloud websites, such as website beacon and pixel tag. For example, the account number activation link sent to you by Whale Cloud. The technologies above can be used to track this clicking and help Whale Cloud know about your preference on the products and services, and further improve customer service. The website beacon is a type of transparent image embedded into the website or e-mail. With the help of the pixel tag involved into the e-mail, the result of whether the e-mail is enabled can be received. If you hope that your activities will not be tracked via this mode, you can set your mail box to reject the receiving of this e-mail, or you can log in to related Whale Cloud websites to unsubscribe such e-mail services. If you set Do not Track function for your browser, Whale Cloud websites will respect your choice.


Whale Cloud will not use Cookie for the purposes other than those described above.


3. How does Whale Cloud share and disclose your Personal Data?

To ensure the security of your Personal Data, Whale Cloud will conform to the minimization principle. That is, under the allowance of applicable laws, share, transfer, or disclose your Personal Data:

a. For the sake of business requirements, Whale Cloud may share your Personal Data between Whale Cloud and its subsidiaries, so that Whale Cloud can provide timely service;

b. Share the least and necessary information with partners authorized by Whale Cloud for the convenience of providing service;

c. If Whale Cloud thinks the disclosure of your Personal Data complies with the applicable laws, Whale Cloud may provide the data to law enforcement/government agencies.

Whale Cloud may share the Personal Data with some other companies, organizations, and individuals. For these companies, organizations, and individuals, Whale Cloud will sign strict data processing agreements with them and require them to process the related Personal Data pursuant to Whale Cloud security standards, requirements of This Policy, and other relevant confidentiality and security measures.

If the country where Whale Cloud shares, transfers, or discloses the Personal Data does not have an applicable law which is similar to the law in your country and possesses the same protection degree on the Personal Data, for example, from European economic areas to the country which has no applicable laws on the protection of Personal Law, Whale Cloud will process pursuant to Article 7 of This Policy to ensure the legitimacy of data transfer and security of your Personal Data.


4. How do you have access to and manage your Personal Data?

If you submit your Personal Data to Whale Cloud, please ensure their correctness. If your Personal Data change, you have obligations to update your Personal Data timely.

In addition, pursuant to the requirements of the applicable laws, you may have rights to (1) access your Personal Data held by Whale Cloud; (2) update or correct your wrong Personal Data; (3) reject Whale Cloud to use your Personal Data; (4) require Whale Cloud to restrict or delete your Personal Data; (5) require Whale Cloud to transfer your Personal Data.

If you require the rights described above, Whale Cloud needs your written application and validates your identity. Under the normal situation, Whale Cloud will not collect any fees after you submits your written application, unless the application exceeds the usual requirements. If you have any question during the access and management of your Personal Data, you can contact Whale Cloud personnel pursuant to Article 9 of This Policy.


5. How does Whale Cloud protect and save your Personal Data?

Via strengthening Personal Data security measures in physical, management, and technical aspects, such as access control system, monitoring system, encryption, anonymization, and personnel training, Whale Cloud will make efforts to prevent the Personal Data from being accessed without authorization, used, disclosed, modified, damaged, lost, and processed illegally in other forms. Whale Cloud has special business continuity plan to provide customer services continuously. The information security policies and programs of Whale Cloud are designed strictly pursuant to international standards, and they will be audited and updated periodically.

Under the allowance of the applicable laws, Whale Cloud will save your Personal Data. After the relevant businesses are completed, Whale Cloud will delete your Personal Data timely under the situation that does not violate the applicable laws.

Generally, your Personal Data will be saved in the business deployment sites; but they may also be saved outside your country. This operation is related to the site where the Whale Cloud data center is deployed. Whale Cloud will take measures to ensure that Whale Cloud will process the collected data pursuant to This Policy and requirements of laws which are applicable to the data storage positions. Under the allowance and requirement of the applicable laws, Whale Cloud will notify you of the loss, misuse, or manipulation of the Personal Data which may result in serious risks, and then you can take appropriate measures to effectively protect your rights.


6. How does Whale Cloud protect Personal Data of Children?

The Personal Data of children need to be protected specially. For the children's Personal Data which are collected via consent from parents or guardians, Whale Cloud will use the data under the allowance of applicable laws.


7. How is cross-border transfer realized for your Personal Data?

Whale Cloud, based on cloud computing, big data, and AI, provides high-quality solutions, products, and services for industrial customers (such as telecom operators, governments, and enterprises) in more than 80 countries and areas. Generally, Whale Cloud will process your Personal Data in the countries/areas where you use Whale Cloud products or services. Under the allowance of the applicable laws, your Personal Data may be transferred to the countries/areas which are not the sites of collecting the data. In these countries/areas, the laws which are applicable to the protection of your Personal Data may be different. For example, to resolve the product faults, Whale Cloud may transfer the log files including your Personal Data to the site where Whale Cloud is located for data analysis under the allowance of the applicable laws. No matter where the Personal Data are processed, Whale Cloud will notify you timely pursuant to the applicable laws, and then take measures to ensure that the data transfer conforms to This Policy and applicable laws. For example, acquire your consent or sign necessary data transfer contracts.


8. How is This Policy updated?

Whale Cloud may update This Policy periodically. If it is revised, Whale Cloud will release the latest version on the official website. After you agree to periodically access these web pages, you can know about the revisions about This Policy. If This Policy has important changes, Whale Cloud will provide obvious mode to notify you. For example, website pop-up window. The important changes refer to the reduction of user rights or obligations which are committed in This Policy and related to the processing of Personal Data.


9. How do you contact Whale Cloud?

If you have any question about This Policy, need any request or consulting about your Personal Data, you can send an e-mail to rc.complianceaudit@Whale Cloud.com, Whale Cloud will reply to your e-mail in 30 days.

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