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Whale Cloud ZSmart 9 Achieves TM Forum Frameworx Conformance Certification Release 18.0
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[Nanjing, China, Mar. 2019] Whale Cloud Technology Co., Ltd. (Whale Cloud), the global digital transformation leader, announced its ZSmart 9 BSS/OSS suite has been awarded conformance certification for TM Forum Frameworx-Business Process Framework (eTOM) and Information Framework (SID) Release 18.0.

TM Forum’s Frameworx continues to evolve. The Release 18.0 offers an industry-agreed blueprint, language and set of key design principles to follow. It will provide pragmatic pathways for the journey from maintaining monolithic, legacy software solutions, towards managing flexible, cloud-based capabilities that can be orchestrated using AI. The Frameworx is a reference architecture that maps TM Forum’s Open APIs and assets against technical and business platform functions.

ZSmart 9 was designed after Alibaba became a strategic partner of Whale Cloud. This disruptive product series aim to address telecom business and operation challenges, e.g. flexibility of innovation, complexity of operation, real-time customer analytics, network virtualization, DevOps, business innovations, by infusing technological advantages of Alibaba.

ZSmart 9 takes a cloud-native approach to product design, development and deployment and uses advanced big data analytics and AI technologies to exploit potential customer insights; thus allowing telcos to provide customers with analytics-driven, proactive, personalized customer experience across different touch-points in real-time. Born for 5G and IoT, ZSmart 9 complies with TM Forum Open API standards, ready for operators to bring in business partners, monetize legacy assets, and innovate in new market segments. Imbedded with ZSmart AnyShare platform, ZSmart 9 supports XaaS offerings that can help service providers fasten time to market and build digital ecosystems.  

Whale Cloud is actively involved in TM Forum’s collaboration projects to shape the vision for the industry and tackle the critical challenges navigating transformation. “Digital transformation is imperative for CSPs as they are facing a tough time because of their legacy and the strong competition from those ambitious internet players. Along this transformation journey, industry-level cooperation and collaboration can help telcos shorten the way towards their destinations,” said Mr. Steven Cho, chief digital consultant of Whale Cloud, “We are proud that we, as part of this community, are always there for the operators at each critical moment along this journey.”

About Frameworx

Frameworx is a suite of best practices and standards that when adopted enable a service-oriented, highly automated and efficient approach to business operations. Frameworx provides hundreds of standardized Business Metrics that have been embraced by the industry and allow for benchmarking, as well as a suite of interfaces and Open APIs that enable integration across systems and platforms. Frameworx also includes adoption best practices to help companies implement and use the standards and management best practices to ensure ongoing conformance.