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Talents are the valuable wealth of Whale Cloud technology, and the source power to maintain the advanced nature of the industry. Adhering to the belief of "respecting knowledge, caring for talents, and knowing how to make good use of them", Whale Cloud has established a series of mechanisms to introduce, train, use and motivate talents. With competitive salary, good personal development space, respect and care for talents, and the vision of setting up a world brand, Whale Cloud has attracted a large number of IT elites to devote themselves to the cause of Whale Cloud  technology. After years of cultivation, a talent team with profound technical background and high professional quality has been formed, providing strong support for product development and service.

The campus recruiting areas cover China and some overseas countries, and the recruiting schools cover more than 100 key universities and overseas key professional schools. The 2017 campus recruitment, the first time to recruit overseas students in China, strengthens cultural collision and enhances interaction and communication. So far, more than 50,000 people have participated in campus recruitment and over 2,700 have been recruited.

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