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ZSmart d-BEP


Communications service providers (CSPs) are at the forefront of digital transformation, which involves the changes of business model, organization culture, IT landscape and network technologies, these are all necessary elements to be considered to make sure the success of transformation.

ZSmart d-BEP solution is endeavoring to deliver a frictionless, hyper-efficient & off-loaded intelligent service ecosystem, by providing automated, fast time to service architecture, cost-efficient integration thanks to Alibaba & Whale Cloud technologies, offering smart services like AI enhanced Big Data Analytics solutions, collaborating with different business partners and industries as ecosystem partners with scalable, demand driven service catalogue, eventually to replace fragmented services in BSS.

By doing so, CSP customers can benefit of ZSmart d-BEP with ecosystem-centric business model, innovative-driven company culture, loosely-coupled capability centers and off-loaded cloud infrastructure to keep the transformation on the right track.

As the cornerstone of CSP business enablement, ZSmart d-BEP helps to realize the digital transformation in 3 dimensions:

-Digital Inside, for better organization collaboration, higher operation efficiency and lower operation cost

-Digital Outside, with digital channel support, analytics-driven personalization and superior customer experience focus.

-Digital Services, seeking to increase revenue, enrich digital portfolio, and foster rapid innovation.

Solution Description

ZSmart d-BEP is the evolution of traditional ZSmart BSS to support CSPs' digital business with personalized customer interactions and centralized partner product management in an ecosystem model. With the cloud-native architecture design and a variety of capability centers for both telecom and enterprise customers, ZSmart d-BEP enables CSPs towards their digital transformation journey.

ZSmart d-BEP is based on PaaS components and IaaS platform, consists of capability centers like Customer, Operation, Marketing, Policy, Consolidated Product Catalog, Billing, Settlement, etc., and has the openness ability for 3rd party integration and development.  Empowered by Alibaba Cloud technologies, like cloud, big data analytics, ZSmart d-BEP fuels the smart matching of Customer, Product and Channel concepts, which means: The right Product be offered to the right Customer on the right Channel.

Highlights of ZSmart d-BEP

Cloud-Native Architecture

With the cloud-native architecture design and a variety of capability centers for both telecom and enterprise customers, ZSmart d-BEP enables CSPs towards their digital transformation journey. Based on general distributed technology platform, ZSmart d-BEP introduces micro-service, high-performance distributed asynchronous message queue, distributed cache, distributed database components. In ZSmart d-BEP, data and application are separated; application can be dynamically scale-out/in on demand. This ultimately achieves high data availability, stateless billing & charging, and extremely load data processing.

Open Platform

ZSmart d-BEP provides full-range APIs to realize unified service registration, flexible API orchestration, and multiple protocols conversion. It brings CSPs with unified multi-channel service access, minimizes customization applications, and shortens the Time-To-Market for new business rollout. In addition, ZSmart d-BEP provides consolidated product catalog which supports both telecom products and vertical industry products.

Digital Experience

ZSmart d-BEP enables CSPs to facilitate the digital life for their customers. CSPs can deliver precise and personalized marketing campaigns with 360° customer insights analytics, engage and interact with them through omni-channels. The solution also allows CSPs to disseminate a wealth of assets including marketing trends, historical data and insights, and open data capabilities to third party partners, and helps CSPs onboard vertical industry product catalogue and provides digital services to customers in addition to traditional telecom products and services.

End-to-End Intelligent Operation & Maintenance

Capacity wise, CSPs can scale-in or scale-out with click-of-button in ZSmart ZMP, which is the integrated cloud application manager of d-BEP; functionality wise, A/B testing feature allows CSPs to apply specific function/release to target segments, enables fine-tuning of functions to cater custom preference. ZSmart d-BEP realizes system health monitoring, automatic diagnosis and fault processing suggestions. Furthermore, it also provides rich visual multi-dimensional interfaces for comprehensive monitoring, to enable CSPs with comprehensive, end to end, intelligent operation and maintenance.

IoT & Vertical Business

ZSmart d-BEP supports not only traditional telecom but also cross-industry businesses. With integration of Alibaba Cloud big data and AI capability, ZSmart d-BEP offers intelligent capabilities and features, such as chatbot-powered agent for customer service, AI-driven marketing, analytics-driven IoT business for various business scenarios, e.g. Smart Energy, vehicle, Life, and City.